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November 27, 2015 – 11:12 am
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The "New Age" is marked by the proliferation of cable television (and concomitant heightened competition for audience), trends toward negative over positive news, soft news over hard news (leading to less news about the president), a declining audience for news, and decreased public trust of the media.He also looks at the role of entertainment media and soft news in shaping the public's views.Young Yemeni Female journalists are breaking the stereotype of being only soft news writers and starting to write about economics.Leading magazine Media Week said: "The Mirror's mix of hard and soft news is now working exceptionally well.There are three major divisions of types of coverage that affect religion: * Hard versus soft news.However, two of the three items that compose this scale revealed a significantly stronger pattern of interest among the nonreaders for these soft news items.Chinese netizens spend more of their time playing games, reading soft news, consuming streamed media such as (often pirated) films and socializing online, especially through the QQ instant messaging service, than Americans, according to Bill Dodson, author of the acclaimed book China Inside Out, which was published in February this year and includes a chapter about the internet in China.
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What is soft article?

As the name implies, it is relative to the hard advertising, from the company's marketing staff or advertising agency copywriters responsible for writing the "text ads." Compared with hard ad soft paper was known as soft, subtlety is that a "soft" word, like cotton in the possession of needles, close but not exposed, Kedi trace. Until you find it is a soft paper, you do not have the cold stare of the fall-off of being well-designed "advertorial" trap. It is in pursuit of a Dead Poets Society, the spread of silent lubricant effect.

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