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Disrupting newspapers & magazines: a white paper from PressReader
July 27, 2015 – 07:35 am
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While print circulation continues to decline all over the world, our catalog of 4, 500+ digital titles continues to grow at an incredible rate, currently adding an average of more than 130 new titles every week. This growth is occurring at the same time as readers worldwide increasingly switch to all-digital news consumption, particularly on smartphones and tablets. 44% of Americans get their news primarily via smartphone in 2015, vs. 31% just one year ago. This should come as no surprise, given the rapid market saturation of smartphones: there are now more iPhones sold every day than babies born.
New titles = new business partnerships
The fundamental change in the way we read newspapers and magazines is especially evident in our business growth. Thanks to our unparalleled digital collection of newspapers and magazines, we’ve launched many high-profile business partnerships all over the world. Global partners include household brand names like Qantas, Accor Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Silversea Cruises and thousands of others.

As you may know, this week we’ll be the exclusive News Partner at the high-profile Frankfurt Book Fair, where Igor Smirnoff, our Chief Commercial Officer, will present a series of sessions on our new report. Attendees will also gain complimentary unlimited access to PressReader for the duration of the event, and can enjoy titles like Rheinische Post, The Guardian, Vogue, GQ, Corriere della Sera, Washington Post, USA Today, Paris Match, Cosmopolitan Germany, JOY, and thousands more.

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What is aims of newspaper and magazine?

The aim of periodicals is, like all profiting companies, to make money. They spend money on printing, employees, and distributing. They try to make the stories interesting so that people will buy more. The dollar we spend on a newspaper actually helps them a lot.

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