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24 Amazing Newsletter Content Ideas
February 19, 2016 – 10:42 pm
Why Ever Blogger Needs an
That’s why we’ve put together this list of 24 powerful content ideas, plus a few additional resources to help you come up with even more ideas for your newsletter. With this handy list, you’ll never have to worry about what types of content to include in your next newsletter again.

Before we list the newsletter ideas, however, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: You need to think like an editor.

Why? Because magazine and newspaper editors are pros at coming up with content ideas. They know that the best way for their publication to engage readers and attract new subscribers is to produce a variety of diverse, interesting content. The same is true for your company newsletter.

This list of newsletter ideas was compiled with that idea in mind. You might not use them all, but incorporating a variety of the content types listed below will make your newsletter much more effective.

24 Newsletter Content Ideas

1. E-course or training: Often used a lead magnets to capture subscribers, training material makes a business newsletter something your customers look forward to receiving.

2. Letter from the CEO, President, or other executive: Letters like these humanize the company and make customers feel like they actually matter to the highest management.

3. Success stories or customer spotlights: Customers want to know about each other and how your product helps them, especially if you serve a more technical market. And never underestimate the power of a great story.

4. Testimonials: A pullquote or two with testimonials about a specific product or service can boost your sales and shows that you are a great company to do business with.

5. Employee spotlight or profile: Like executive letters, employee profiles humanize the company and help strengthen the community around your brand.

6. Industry news: Business newsletters are an excellent way to inform your customers about what’s new in the industry. This is especially great newsletter content if you handle work your clients outsource to you.

7. Company news: Anytime your business has anything newsworthy, it should go out in your newsletter as well as press releases and other venues. Company news could be anything from showcasing recent work you’ve done for a client to announcing a new location.

newsletter content ideas8. Feature stories: Also known as human interest stories or “soft” news, these engaging articles are not usually closely tied to a news event and tend to focus on a single individual. You can use them to portray the company’s founders, a related historical event, a buyer persona, and more.

9. Editorials: An opinion piece written by senior staff or the publisher, editorials reflect the opinion of your company on a certain subject. Letters to the editor serve a similar function from the perspective of your customers. This newsletter idea is one way to talk about trends in your industry, your company mission, and other topics.

10. Educational articles: Your newsletter is another place to publish the kinds of valuable content you already publish on your blog.

11. “Classic” reprints: Once you’ve published your newsletter for a while, or if you have a large company blog or article marketing campaign, you can reprint popular or valuable articles originally published elsewhere. This newsletter content idea is great in a pinch, but should not be a regular thing.

12. Blog excerpts: If you’re creating lots of awesome content for your blog, share excerpts in your newsletter such as “Most Popular Blog Posts This Month” or “5 Posts You Should Read” with links back to your blog.

13. Special offers or coupons: Like your blog and other efforts, your newsletter should generate leads. Encourage repeat purchases with valuable discounts, free trials, product demos, and other offers.

14. Q&A: If one customer asks a question, you can bet other customers are wondering the same thing. A question and answer section helps them and reduces your customer support emails.

15. Regular “column:” Newspapers use columns to flavor hard news with personality and expertise. You could do the same with an employee with a unique flair and relevant experience.

16. Surveys, polls, and feedback: Ask your customers what they want. They will tell you, and you’ll both be happier.

17. Statistics and/or infographics: Publishing statistics about your company, products, or industry can paint a very interesting and compelling picture about the state of affairs. Infographics distill that information in a pleasing way and could easily be leveraged for other content marketing.

18. Interviews: Make your newsletter more appealing by presenting another personality and their advice or experience, You could interview thought leaders, up-and-coming players in your industry, celebrities, and others.

19. Product reviews: Customers or third parties could review your products, or you could review another company’s product that is complementary to yours.

20. New product/service announcements: Make your subscribers feel special by making them the first to know about a new product you’re offering. Exclusive knowledge or access will make them repeat buyers and brand ambassadors, and help you build pre-launch buzz.

21. Event calendar: Tell subscribers about upcoming events in your company (like your monthly webinars or weekly podcasts) or industry (such as conferences and expos) so they can participate or trust you to pass things on.

and/or white papers: Show your expertise and how your products and services help your audience with these research-heavy newsletter content ideas.

23. Giveaway and contest announcements: These engagement-boosting newsletter ideas are also popular on social media. Involve your subscribers in addition to fans and followers, or make them subscribers-only for higher stakes.

24. Photos: Images capture attention and boost interest, can accompany almost all of the above content ideas. Show behind-the-scenes at your business, your product in action, a recent event, and more.

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