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December 15, 2015 – 03:01 pm
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The fact that you are on this page shows your curiosity to know about the people behind this portal. Well, ‘Kerala IT News’ is the brainchild of a journalist turned entrepreneur. It is a ‘Sourcing Partners’ venture, a startup by the journalist who has been covering Business and IT for over a decade and a half, with experience in Television, Print and Web. Our team of Online Media Professionals provides content and management services to several popular and important websites.

What do we want to do?

Our aim is to make ‘Kerala IT News’ the one-stop-shop for all IT news and IT related jobs in Kerala. Our focus is IT in Kerala, irrespective of whether the news is from a company in IT Park or outside, Government initiative or private. The basic idea is to have one place to get news and information about the IT scene in Kerala – for people who are in Kerala, for people who want to shift to Kerala, for those who are looking at Kerala and for those who want to invest in Kerala.

We have a soft corner for all the start-ups and SMEs who can’t afford or want to have a professional PR agency to manage their publicity. Just mail us a write-up and we will ensure maximum coverage for your start-up.

Who are we targeting?

  • IT professionals working in Kerala – to know what’s happening in the IT scene around them and about job opportunities in other Kerala based companies
  • IT professionals from Kerala working outside Kerala (in India and overseas) – to know the latest IT scene in Kerala and about IT job opportunities back home
  • NRIs / Investors who want to invest in the Kerala IT industry
  • Fresh graduates (Engineering or General) looking for IT & ITeS openings in Kerala

When we started ‘Kerala IT News’ in July 2009, it was and still remains the only comprehensive IT news portal from and in Kerala. We went live on on October 08, 2009.

Kerala IT News ( is included in the Media List of Information & Public Relations Department (I&PRD), Government of Kerala as per G.O.(Rt) No.239/11/I&PRD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram read with Rate Contract No.5601/D1/I&PR dated .


Kerala IT News ( has no association with ‘Kerala IT’ which is the name for the Department of IT, Government of Kerala. The Kerala IT News portal is not supported editorially or through advertisements or funded by Kerala IT in any way. This is an independent venture – Editor

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