Hard and soft news leads

Tips to Write News Story Lead
June 6, 2015 – 10:48 am
Review of last week s news

Tips to Write News Story LeadFor centuries, traditional write stories have been using the special style to state the major aspects of the news on the beginning. This element is called lead. There are 2 types of lead, the soft news lead and hard news lead. These types were classified based on way to grab the attention. And when it talks about the most commonly used for the news article, the hard news lead is the answer. You can make those story leads as you wish. But before making it, take a look to these steps.
Collect the Sources
News article was made by the facts. In creating news lead, the principal is also the same. You need facts from the several sources. Make sure to get the right data. Without the right data, putting the facts into the lead will be more difficult. If you do it well since the beginning, you can make it quicker.
Include the Fact to the Lead
The key of making a lead is focusing to tell the story with one sentence. This is why it also known as summary lead. Telling the entire story only with 1 sentence is not just difficult. You also need to make it looks convincing. For this, many reporters include the fact to the lead. Of course, you cannot put all of them to the lead. You can focus on the point and write it to the lead.
Format the Lead Well
News lead is focusing on 1 sentence only. In a sentence, you have to write the facts and make it easy to understand. To make it shorter and no more than a sentence, you can use semicolon as needed. As a result, you can get a longer sentence and more place to put the fact.
Grab the Attention with the Right Sentence
News lead must be able to grab attention. This is why it must be attractive and curious. Sometimes, putting a data to the news lead is not enough. To make it more attractive, you can tell a fact as short as it can be. Give a piece of information only and it will make the readers wondering about the detail.
Use a Phrase, not a Complete Sentence
To make a news lead, you do need a complete sentence. All you need is just an informative phrase. For this, limit the words. Make sure there is no more than 20 words. In here, shorter is better. But do not forget about the information and make sure the news lead is informative enough. To get more references, you can take a look to the other news lead.
Check the Spelling and the Style
After getting the news lead, make sure to check it, especially on the spelling and the style. While you are checking it, you have to try to be a reader, not a writer. What you get from the news lead? Is it informative enough? Ask it to yourself before publishing it. If you get the feeling and understand the message, so do the other readers.

Source: vizthink.com
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