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Why After Three Years I Dropped Mailchimp as My Newsletter Service for Aweber
September 25, 2015 – 10:33 am
Do You Find Time For Your

Last week in what was just an honest moment of recognition… Recognition that I had found a newsletter product (aweber) that I really enjoyed using and could see being a serious asset to my online business… I sent out a tweet:

But Alex wasn’t the only one who wanted to know why I chose to move my newsletter business from Mailchimp, a provider I had used for almost three years, to Aweber, so I decided to write about it.

In full disclosure, I’ve been using the free version of Mailchimp all this time. Aweber is not free. And in double full disclosure the aweber links are affiliate links in case you want to subscribe to the service.

From Free to Not Free

So for all you business minded types out there you have to say to yourself, “Why would someone give up a Free solution for a paid solution that performs the same function?”

I’m willing to give up a free service and pay for another because saying Mailchimp performs the same function as Aweber is like saying your Ford Escort performs the save function as my Maserati…

Yes both cars get you from home to work, but the ride there is a little different.

Yes both email services will send an email newsletter to your subscriber list, but the experience for both you the information distributor and your subscribers as the information consumers is drastically different.

But again this comes back to a common theme I try pull through this blog.

Are we just trying to get by or Kick-Ass at this blogging thing?

Say it together with me people (if you’re in an office you can loud whisper) “KICK-ASS!”

Together, you and me, we’re trying to find the best process… the best procedure… the theory… the best workflow… and the best tools and resources to help our businesses thrive online.

And Here is Why

For a long time I’ve had a huge beef with MailChimp’s Sign-Up form. It’s hard to customize and it looks like a 5th grader designed it in 1995 HTML code. That doesn’t make it classic it makes it crappy.

I actually have gone so far as to use Wufoo Forms for my Newsletter Subscriber Sign-up on the website to make it look a little more professional. Which means I’m managing two different platforms to perform one function.

But this was bearable… I mean I’m just signing people up for my Newsletter… WAIT!!!

Just signing people up for my Newsletter? Haven’t we discussed on this blog that subscribers (of any form really RSS Feed, Social Media, etc) to your Newsletter are more valuable than Gold Coins?

People, listen to me, the way our blog looks means a lot. Your societal beliefs aside, whether you like it or not everyone judges you based on your outward appearance and no more so than the first impression.

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