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Which UK newspapers are winning on Twitter?
January 13, 2016 – 06:01 am

Followers vs CirculationBritain’s newspapers have navigated through the social media era with mixed success and in many ways the technology has transformed our country’s news-media industry. In this blog post we’ve analysed the Twitter followers of all the leading national newspapers to see if we can learn anything interesting.

The first thing we did was compare conventional circulation figures with Twitter follower counts. It’s obvious that there’s no correlation between the two, and the three lowest circulation papers also happen to have the most followers.

Perhaps the biggest surprise here is that the Daily Mail has a lower following than the Guardian and the Independent, given that the Mail has done such an impressive job of thriving in the online world.gender split The real standout here is obviously the Guardian with over 4 million followers despite being a relatively low-circulation left-leaning broadsheet.

Next we analysed the gender split of followers for each newspaper’s Twitter profile. While there isn’t too much difference between these figures, a few papers have marginally more female readers. The Daily Mail has the highest number of women followers at 44%, which is no surprise since the newspaper is known to be the most popular amongst female readers.Broadsheet Twitter Wordcloud The Financial Times has the lowest number of women, at 28%. Again, this isn’t entirely surprising if we consider the well documented gender gap in senior business roles.

Sysomos gives every Twitter user an authority score of between 0 and 10, which is based on a combination of factors including follower/following counts and how frequently they get retweeted. Typically, most Twitter users have low authority, with fewer and fewer people achieving the higher levels of authority. In this next chart we show the average authority scores for each newspaper’s followers.

Tabloid Twitter WordcloudWhat’s surprising here is that the i (a kind of lighter, easier to digest sister publication to the Independent) has a significantly higher average authority than the others. What does this prove? Probably not much, but you could take it as an indication that that paper attracts a younger, more connected and social media savvy readership, which certainly appears to be the title’s target market.

The paper with the lowest average authority is the Daily Express.

To understand what kind of people follow the different papers on Twitter, we used Sysomos MAP to produce a word-cloud for each account’s follower profiles. This feature analyses all of the accounts followers and builds this visualisation based on the most commonly used words in their personal profiles.

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