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Tips for Naming Your E-Newsletter
July 12, 2015 – 10:14 am
Some catchy names for the

enewsletterDoes your newsletter have a name? While certainly not a requirement, adding a memorable moniker to regular updates can help subscribers grow familiar with and even come to expect your monthly or weekly bulletin. Rather than defaulting to the lackluster Brand Newsletter, get creative and really say something about the newsletter’s value. These guidelines should help get the creative juices flowing.

Are you providing any context?

The best newsletters target niche audiences, and logic tells us that the name should speak directly to that audience. A great example of this is Contently’s weekly newsletter, called The Freelance Strategist: While You Were Writing. This name connects the newsletter back to Contently’s blog, The Freelance Strategist. Plus, that “while you were writing” line reminds subscribers that this newsletter is catered to their specific needs.

How can you be memorable?

We recommend avoiding the generic Brand Newsletter name because it’s easily forgotten, especially when competing with 500 other emails. Now, Funny or Die’s Weekly F’Bomb would likely be offensive to the vast majority of audiences, so we’re not suggesting that you take this semi-vulgar approach. But there’s just something that makes this newsletter stand out among the rest.

Can you incorporate your brand name?

While simply slapping your brand on the newsletter isn’t exactly original, it does add context and provide a nice starting spot for your brainstorming session., a resource for early stage mobile developers, sends out a cleverly named weekly newsletter called Rocket Fuel. The name mentions the brand and implies value in one fell swoop.

Struggling to get the creative juices flowing? Try playing off of these synonyms for newsletter:

  • broadcast
  • issue
  • bulletin
  • bytes
  • lowdown
  • report
  • digest
  • dispatch
  • monthly
  • updates
  • scoop
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How To Find Newsletter Templates:

Are you trying to create a professional newsletter with a style that is just perfect for the content? Of course you are! That's the primary goal of every person writing newsletters. Email marketing can be a time consuming prospect for any business owner. Especially considering the fact that there is so much formatting that goes into creating them from scratch. The secondary goal, however, is creating said newsletter in as short a period of time as possible.

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