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Use newsletter templates to promote your blog
November 15, 2015 – 12:33 pm
Gmail Newsletter Template

You probably know this story pretty well: It starts with a big blank white page. piece by piece you start filling that blank with wonderful content, pouring every piece of wisdom that comes to your mind until you’ve created the ultimate masterpiece – your blog couldn’t look any better, couldn’t be any more interesting – you’re ready to go. But wait a minute, what good is a blog if you don’t have any readers?

blog newsletter templates

So you start marketing your blog on Facebook and Twitter and notify all your friends. you publish your content in forums and content websites and manage to attract some traffic to your blog. But how do you get those same readers to come back to your blog the next time you publish an article?

Sending out regular newsletters is the best way to establish a constant reading audience. Once you’ve built up a stable recipients list, you can make sure your content always gets the exposure it deserves, in the design and format that you choose.

Templates for blog newsletters – why do you need them?

1. A reminder for your readers

Your readers have a lot on their minds. Just because your blog caught their interest doesn’t mean that they’ll remember to come visit on a regular basis. Whether you publish new content daily, or just once a month, send your readers a reminder to come check out your new content.

Even if you publish your new content on social networks, you can’t be sure that you have 100% exposure because some of the content gets lost in the feed. Newsletters give you control over which recipients see your new content with almost 100% certainty.

2. Important notices

Have you been invited to speak at a bloggers conference? Are you publishing a new Ebook? Share these important notices with your reader audience to get their opinions and keep them up to date. You can even design a special newsletter template for it.

3. Traffic

Many bloggers report that most of their traffic comes from their newsletters. checked and found that out of 50 recipients, an average of 10 will visit your blog. Take a moment to figure out how many visits you have a day and where they come from.

4. RSS – sounds familiar?

It’s okay if it doesn’t. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a somewhat outdated system but it serves a blogger’s needs appropriately. What it does is present the latest content uploaded to your blog, in any platform you choose.

Systems such as ActiveTrail offer to create an automatic that automatically detects new content on your blog and sends it out in the time and frequency that you specified. Don’t worry, you can choose to design the newsletter template in any way you like and tell the system exactly which content to send to which recipients.

Getting started – Promote your blog like a boss!

There are a few steps on the way to sending out a newsletter. But first, choose a reliable email marketing system to work with.

Design and implement a on your blog and place it strategically in order to get the maximum number of subscribers. It helps if the can integrate directly to your system, WordPress for example. That way the recipients are automatically synchronized between your system and the email marketing software and no extra work is required from you.

Once you have a formidable recipients list, you need to choose the frequency of newsletters (preferably fixed), build a newsletter template for your design that will be saved by the system for future newsletters, fill your first newsletter with content and off you go.

Email marketing systems offer an array of features that optimize and improve the marketing simplicity and efficiency. Some of these features include: an advanced reports system, automatic messages such as “Thank you for signing up” and “Happy Birthday”, a and predesigned templates. All of these features and more are available using ActiveTrail’s system.

Keep your family happy

The relationship between a blogger and his readers is a very special one. You promise to keep supplying interesting, high-quality content and your readers will return to your blog with every new piece you’ll publish and appreciate you for your work. Without even noticing, you’ve created a small community.

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