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How to Choose a Newsletter Name
December 30, 2015 – 02:00 pm
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Deciding on a great newsletter name is often one of the most difficult processes you’ll encounter during newsletter development. Your newsletter can cover so much ground and accomplish many things, so how do you sum it all up into one compelling title that convinces readers your newsletter pages are packed with valuable information they can’t afford to miss? If you’re stuck trying to come up with a good newsletter name, follow this four-step process to help you drill down to the perfect name for your newsletter.

Identify your niche

Your first step is to identify your business niche and your target market. What do you sell, how is it different and better, and who buys it? These are things you should already know, but take the time to carefully and honestly consider the types of things your customers are truly interested in. A well-read newsletter speaks directly to its readers, and so it’s important you lay a foundation for your newsletter that encompasses their passions. Jot down at least five keywords or phrases that fit the bill.

Define your purpose

Your next step is to define the purpose of your newsletter. Simply stating that your newsletter’s purpose is to inform your customers – or to market and brand your business – is not enough. What, specifically, is your newsletter’s mission from your readers’ perspectives? Perhaps your newsletter is going to keep B2B customers abreast of important industry news, or alert consumers of home safety tips and developments. A well-defined purpose is the backbone of your newsletter name so, for example, saying that your goal is to “give commercial real estate investors a competitive edge” is much better than saying that your goal is to “relay industry news to investors.”

Plan content for your first newsletters

Newsletters are a powerful networking tool, but only when they’re interesting and engaging. One of the most difficult things for many companies is coming up with great content issues after issue. This is the same issue newspaper and magazine editors face day after day, week after week, month after month. Unless you’re hiring a professional newsletter writer or writing team, or have editors and journalists on-staff, you’ll likely have trouble planning newsletter content after the first issue or two. Search for newspaper/magazine article topic ideas online and plan your first three to five newsletters article by article so you have a good idea of what your content will be. Run your ideas by your best customers to see if they’re legitimately interested in the topics. If they are, then you should go back and compare your editorial direction to your niche audience and your defined purpose. If all the stars align, you’re ready to name your newsletter!

The newsletter name

Now that you’ve completed the heavy-lifting legwork, naming your newsletter should be much easier. As a rule, your newsletter name should reflect who your customers are and what they’ll gain from reading your newsletter. Avoid putting your company name in your newsletter name (unless it’s a small lead-in or sponsored-by listing). “Bob’s Car Wash Newsletter” just doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? If the newsletter focuses on frugal car care, then a better name might be “Wheel Deals.” You don’t need to include “The, ” “Gazette, ” “Times” or anything that sounds overly official; though it can help to name your newsletter “Trends, ” “Today” or “Report” if these terms reflect what your newsletter does. Consider the following examples:

“Commercial Property Investor’s Report” versus “The Loman Investment Newsletter”

“Birdwatching Today” versus “Dave’s Pet Store Birdwatching Gazette”

“Racing Trends” versus “The Racing Mechanic Times”

In each of the examples, the first newsletter name listed is dynamic, descriptive and invigorating; the second example is dull and unrevealing. Now, take these same principles and apply them to naming your newsletter!

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