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February 6, 2016 – 05:50 pm
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When you register for an account at PC Pitstop, you can save your computer results in our database for later review. This lets you compare results from two systems, see the performance of a single computer over time, or show your results to other users. Your email address and password identify your account uniquely; although we ask for your first and last name it is only used for display purposes. Also see our privacy policy.

Please Note: This FAQ applies to your account at our main site. There is a separate registration for our support forums at . If you have questions about that registration or are receiving notification emails from the forums, please go there to change your options.

How is my email address being used?

We send out three types of email messages, you can opt out of the first two by editing your account options. If you have questions about how email addresses and other account information is used, see our privacy policy.

  1. Newsletter: Sent infrequently (no more than monthly) to notify users of new site features and important updates.
  2. Recalls: When vendors announce safety or reliability recalls and we can determine that a PC you tested may be affected, we can notify you.
  3. Administrative: When you register, we send a welcome message with your registration data. We may also notify you if we plan to remove the account due to inactivity.

The only way an account is created at PC Pitstop is if a user visits the site and creates one. If you do not recall having created an account, it is possible that someone used your email address without your permission. Since you can read email at that address you can remove the account by having the password sent to you; .

How do I remove my email address from your list?

To change your newsletter and product recall options, edit your account. To eliminate all mailings, remove your account (see below). When you remove your account, we do not keep a permanent record of your email address. However, there is a small window of time (typically less than 48 hours) in which you may receive a mailing because of the way we pull email addresses from the database in preparation for mailings.

Source: www.pcpitstop.com
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