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March 12, 2016 – 01:44 pm
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Long Live Yahoo!

In response to our In The News article about the possibility of Yahoo! selling off its e-mail and web services to concentrate on the company’s share in the Chinese firm Alibaba, Ronna wrote: “Don’t want to lose Yahoo mail at all keep it as it is. Family has all important files and pic there. It would be terrible to loose it all and Verizon sucks as a service of any kind in our region. Never once had a problem with Yahoo mail .”

Ronna, it seems unlikely that Yahoo! Mail would just stop existing. It would very likely be picked up by another company. However, no matter how much you like your e-mail provider, you shouldn’t store important pictures and files only in your e-mail account.

They need to be backed up in multiple places. In cloud storage, possibly in multiple accounts and it’s good to back them up on external drives as well.

One important piece of advice is to never put all of your eggs in one digital basket.

~ Cynthia

Ever have this happen before?

"What'd the doc say?"

"He told me I need to... uhh... he said the muscle will heal as long as I... dangit, I don't remember."


And sometimes that information is CRUCIAL!

We use glasses to supplement our vision, we use hearing aids to hear better... why aren't ya using a recorder to help remember stuff?!

Oh right, because most of them are way too EXPENSIVE!

You used to have two options:

You could go with a $70 recorder to give you real audio quality, or you could go with an $5 piece of junk that's so bad you can't even understand the recorded audio.

We managed to hunt down an incredible voice recorder!

Oh, and it's CRAZY inexpensive!

Pretty sweet, huh?

Record Now, Listen Later!

The WORST part of standard recorders is they don't actually "save" anything. They just hold onto it until you record over it.

Not only does that mean you can upload it to your PC or laptop to store forever - it means you can "organize" your recordings.

It stores files just like a flash drive would, so when you plug it into your computer the files pop up immediately and you can listen, transfer them to your computer, or save them for later!

Yep! You won't get stuck "surfing" through one continuous recording to find the specific part you need!

Turn it on, it starts, turn it off, it stops and saves that whole "part" to one file. Turn it back on right after and it's recording in a separate audio file!

It was already gonna save you tons of stress, but now it's gonna save you TONS OF TIME!

(Not that we're encouraging it, but this is even perfect for more... "discrete recording." Now you can finally catch your Aunt Lily tellin' one of her inappropriate jokes with PROOF!)

Yeah, those dinky tape recorders can't do that!

You could turn this on, set it down for DAYS and it'll record everything!

If you tried that with a regular tape recorder? You'd get maybe 2 hours before you ran outta space & then the batteries would die out and you'd have to replace those too!

Use this recorder for WEEKS without needing to recharge or make space! When you need to remember your groceries real quick, when you take a trip to the doctor's, then when you're at a meeting at work.

Steve Lays The Price SMACKDOWN!

Recorders at this quality would cost you upwards of

I did a quick search for 4GB voice recorders and this was the first thing that popped up:

Why pay double the price for the same high-quality audio you can get from this discrete rechargeable recorder?

For a limited time only, we've got these for just .97!

Click the link below!

This price is ONLY going to stay so long as our supplier lets us get them as the crazy low price we did - so next time you see these they might not be at such a bargain!

New Error Code Honors Bradbury

There’s a new web error code out there. Web error codes are those strange messages you get instead of the page you meant to pull up. A common one is error 404. We explained the meanings of those sometimes cryptic codes in an article that you can read by clicking here. Now, there’s a new code to add to that mix. Error 451.

The Internet Engineering Steering Group has approved status code 451. This error will show up when web content has been blocked due to censorship on the part of governments who control what type of content residents can access via the Internet. It will show up when a server operator has received a legal demand to deny access to certain web resources.

The user will see the error code and the reason access is blocked and also the name of the entity blocking access.

The code is named in honor of Ray Bradbury’s classic book Fahrenheit 451, a novel that features a dystopian futuristic society where books are burned by the fire department and television watching is mandatory. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do.

While many have viewed this novel as being about censorship, Bradbury himself insisted that his concern was that television was going to rot people’s minds and turn them away from reading books.

Samsung Makes Virtual Reality Affordable

Think virtual reality gaming and experience won’t be available until next year? Think again. Oculus VR and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is not offering the $99 Gear VR (virtual reality) mobile headset device available through and other online retailers.

Dozens of new made-for-VR games are available for the device. Users will also be able to watch thousands of immersive videos and films. The games include titles like Land’s End by Ustwo Games, Bandit Six: Salvo by Climax Studios, and Dead Secret by Robot Invader; Gunjack by CCP and Anshar Wars 2 by OZWE are coming soon as well. Oculus Arcade is also available now offering more than 20 classic games like Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Gauntlet in a virtual arcade setting.

Oculus is also promoting their 360 Photos, which offers 200, 000 breathtaking scenes captured by some of the world’s leading photographers, as well as Oculus Social, where users can hang out with your friends in a virtual space. Just select an...

New Year PC Clean Up: Part 2

Next, you may want to clean up your desktop. Do you have tons of little icons all over the screen? Some people aren’t bothered by this, some people can’t stand it. Regardless, you can get a cleaner look by removing the desktop icons. Keep in mind, the icons are just shortcuts to a program. If you remove the icon, you are not removing the program itself, the only real way to do that is the method listed in part 1. If you remove the shortcut, you can always find the program by searching your Start menu or by using the Search Charm. To delete an icon, just right click and hit delete. (By the way, this does send it to the Recycle bin, so go ahead and empty that again when you are done cleaning that up.)

Similarly, you can clean up your Start Menu and/or your Apps screen. If you no longer use the programs pinned to your Start menu very often, or you have Apps on your screen you don’t want, you can right click to unpin them from that menu.

Another thing to do this time of year is to make sure your programs are up to date. This includes not only Windows updates, but also the add on programs that should be updated, like Flash and Java. It is important to keep these updated because they are often exploited by hackers and malicious software. If your Windows updates aren’t set to automatic, (which we recommend!), you should certainly check to see if those are available by searching for Update in the Start menu or Search charm, then clicking on Windows Update. In the window that pops up, click Check for Updates.

To check for updates to things like Java and Flash, you’d want to check your browser plug ins. Firefox has a built in update check, or you can check using Qualys Browser check, explained here. And if something is popping up telling you to update (for example, Adobe) and you keep ignoring it, this time go ahead and let it update.

Another thing to be certain is up to date and has been run is your...

Cold Weather Photography

Cold climates pose a serious issue with photographers. However, knowing how to do a few things can completely turn your experience around. Here are a few precautions you should take when heading out in the cold to take some photographs!

Exercise Patience

To avoid condensation and fogging up your lens, it’s best to wait awhile whenever you step into any extreme temperature situation. Take this scenario for example: You’re out in the snow and you return to the warm interiors of your wooded home. Instead of going click, click, click the moment you enter your home, it’s best to let your camera warm up to the new climate. The best way to do that is to not only leave your camera cap on, but also leave it in the camera bag for awhile. That will not only help your camera adjust to the changed temperature, but it will also greatly decrease the possibility of the lens fogging up and condensing.

Juice It Up

Just as the sensor is important to a camera, the batteries are crucial for your...


Sometimes to get inspiration for cool sites, I just randomly google things I’m interested in, and that’s how I found today’s site. I was looking for cool pictures of camels. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page to the pictures of camel’s face, you’ll see the image that brought me to the site. I decided after visiting that I wanted to share it with all of you.

When you arrive the page, notice the navigation links at the top of the page they are for the specific breeds of camels. You can learn about Arabian Camels, Australian Camels, Bactrian Camels, and South American Camels, as well as take the Camel Quiz.

Each section is filled with facts, historical information, and pictures of camels. After you’ve checked out each section you can take the Camel Quize to see how much you’ve learned about camels while visiting the site. I think this would be a really fun activity for kids. They could come read about camels, see all the cool pictures, and then take the quiz and be able to measure how much they learned.

Go learn about camels today!


Do you have a cool, non-commercial site that you want to share?

Send it to Amanda at

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December Wallpaper Is Ready

The featured desktop wallpaper for December is all set and ready to go. And remember, there are hundreds of images to choose from on the site!

All can be found here and are 100% free:

Oh, and if you enjoy these images, please tell your friends!

Icy Sentinel

I have another image of this lighthouse taken just before at sunset – and that was the original plan. Grab the sunset and head on home. However, after talking to my fellow lighthouse photographers, I came around to the idea that I should really come back after dark and see if I couldn’t get some stars in the sky. So, after dinner a group of three of us made our way back down the icy pier to the frozen lighthouse. …(More)

Elegant Landing

This egret landing was captured in Ritch Grissom Wetlands in Viera Fl, one of my favorite locations. I was near a section of the pond where there was a LOT of activity – mostly egrets and herons flying in and out. This egret was one of many that decided to swoop into this reedy area and I was lucky enough to...(More)

Munising Falls In Autumn

Sometimes you get a “gimme” And this was one of those times :) The colors were spectacular in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and I thought it might be cool to swing by Munising Falls and see how autumn was treating the trees there. Turns out, autumn liked them just fine. This was actually...(More)

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