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April 4, 2016 – 10:57 am
“Shrinking bull s-eye”

(NEW!)Winter 2014-2015: This year's newsletter highlights many exciting developments in the CS Department - new faculty faces, promotions, resurgence of CS Club and new student led activities, our first Senior Poster Fair, and launch of the new Python-based CS111 Computer Programming and Problem Solving.

Winter 2013-2014: In this newsletter, we introduce the stunning new HCI Lab, wonderful new faculty members and courses, our new Senior Fair, Hour of Code recap, and our faculties' and students' research and achievements.

Winter 2012-2013: An exciting year for the CS department, with an explosion of student interest in CS leading to an awesome array of student activities, accomplishments and experiences, positive input from an external Visiting Committee, new courses, interesting speakers, fun events, and outstanding research by our faculty! Please join us at the Cirque du CS on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013, to see the awesomeness for yourself!

Winter 2011-2012: Wellesley HCI students win awards at the iGEM competition and UIST conference; Orit receives NSF CAREER grants and Takis & Eni receive NSF grant on trustworthiness of social networks; three new courses (CS117 Inventing Mobile Apps, CS349A The Intelligent Web, and CS349B Quantifying the world); plus lots of news on student internships and projects.

Winter 2010-2011: The Cirque du CS is on Sunday, February 27, 2011. Plus: welcome to new Hess Fellows Eni Mustafaraj and Tyler Moore, two new courses (CS249 Web Mashups and EXTD160 Introduction to Engineering), and student and faculty news.

Fall 2008: New faculty and the return of the Cirque du CS
The CS department welcomes Orit Shaer, our first recipient of the Claire Booth Luce Professorship, Kevin Gold, our new Hess Fellow, and visting scholar Eni Mustafaraj. They bring with them new vision and courses, including Human Computer Interaction, Research Methods for Developing Robotics, and Web Search and Mining. Also returning after a one year hiatus is our fabulous CS showcase, the Cirque du CS; an Alumnae Panel is a new addition to the event.

Fall 2007: Saying goodbye to three CS Faculty members
At the end of this academic year, we will say goodbye to three special members of our CS faculty: Jennifer Stephan, Mark Sheldon and Daniel Bilar. We thank all of them for their many wonderful contributions to the department and wish them well in their future endeavors!

Spring 2007: Daniel Bilar: Our First Hess Fellow
The CS department has a new visiting fellowship position that is funded through a generous gift from Norma Wilentz Hess ‘41. In Fall, 2006, we were delighted to welcome our first Hess Fellow: Daniel Bilar. Daniel’s areas of expertise include computer security and networks (not just computer networks, but a more general notion of network that includes social networks and ecological networks). Daniel’s current research thrust is the detection and containment of highly evolved metamorphic malware. He also has a budding interest in quantum computing.

Spring 2006: New Courses
We have had a great response to a new course offered this Spring for the first time – Computation for the Sciences. Taught by Ellen Hildreth in lecture and Sohie Lee in lab, CS112 provides an introduction to computer programming that provides the tools necessary for students to use computers effectively in scientific work, including in the natural and physical sciences, biological sciences, medicine, mathematics, psychology and economics. Students learn MATLAB, a powerful and widely used technical computing environment.

Spring 2005: Come to the Cirque du CS!
If you live in the Boston area, we have a very special event on Sunday, April 3 that we think that you and your family would enjoy: the first annual Cirque du CS. At this event, many of our current students will be presenting demonstrations and posters of projects they’ve done in courses, independent studies, and internships. All alums are invited to this event. It’s a great way to see how the department has changed, catch up with faculty and other alums, and meet current students. There will be activities and food for people of all ages, including kids, so bring the whole family!

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