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February 16, 2016 – 11:37 am
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HTML is a language that is used to program websites. Email with formatting and images often relies on HTML code for structure and display. This is referred to as "HTML email."

Email newsletter service

An email newsletter service helps you manage subscription lists, create campaigns, schedule deliveries, monitor problems and track successes. It can give you tools to help you create HTML emails that are compatible with different email clients, formats, and devices. It can give you skills to help tame problems that could result in blacklisting, SPAM complaints, or landing in your recipient's junk mail.

Subscription list

A subscription list is a list of people who have signed up to receive your newsletters or announcements. An email newsletter service will help you manage this list and distribute your HTML emails in bulk to your subscribers.


Each issue of an email newsletter is called a campaign. It describes a single HTML email message that you send to your subscription list.

Email Client

The software that a person uses to check their email. This could be Web-based, like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, or it could be desktop or mobile software like Outlook. Email clients translate HTML in different ways.

What makes HTML email different?

Creating an email that uses HTML is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Technical issues will throw a wrench in your best-laid plans.

Different email clients: your audience may be using one of many different email software programs, and the formatting of your email may not come through as you've planned. For instance, online email programs like Gmail will display and translate email messages very differently than computer software like Outlook.

Preferences for formatting: your audience may not receive their email in the way that you expect. Some people prefer to get text-only messages and will never see or may ignore graphically-enhanced messages. Some email programs may only be able to display text-only messages.

Multiple devices: your audience may use any number of devices to check their email. This ranges in technology and also impacts the screen real estate you have to use. Think about the difference between a computer desktop versus a mobile phone. Email messages need to target both.

Problems with sending bulk email

This is how email typically works: you send an email message from your email client. The message goes through your email server which contacts the recipient's email server. The receiving email server then delivers the message to the recipient's inbox.

With a newsletter, you are most likely distributing the newsletter to a list of subscribers. This can also be termed as sending email in bulk. Just push "send" and you're done … right? If only that were true! Email can miss your audiences' inboxes for many different reasons.

Problem #1: SPAM – your email server never sends the message

If you send one message to a mass of emails at one time, your message can be flagged by YOUR email server as SPAM. This will shut your message down before it even has a chance to be sent. In effect your message will never leave for delivery.

Problem #2: SPAM – their email server blocks your message

Wrong format: Remember that some people can only get text-only messages. In addition, when an email server sees that it is getting a message from a bulk sender, it checks for items that may indicate it is SPAM. One such indicator is NOT including a text alternative. Make sure that you have this alternative format for your message.

Bad reputation: If an email server is reported often enough as a sender of junk mail, or SPAM, it will be blacklisted and all messages from that email server will be blocked. This doesn't just mean that your messages are blocked — it also means that everyone else's messages from that server will also be blocked.

Wait a sec, how does my message get reported as SPAM?
Have you ever seen the "report as SPAM" or "label as junk" buttons in your email program? Clicking on those buttons will quickly get that message out of your email inbox, and it will also report that message to your email server as SPAM. It may be that a recipient just uses this button to get rid of a message, but it still becomes a complaint against your message, your email address, and the email server that sent the message.

Problem #3: SPAM – their email account sends your message straight to junk mail

If you use certain language or are an unfamiliar sender, you may end up in your recipient's trash. After all your hard work, who wants that?

Problem #4: Email address – return to sender

Bad email address: Sometimes your email isn't received because the address you've sent it to is no longer in use or was entered incorrectly. (more on this later – see reporting info)

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