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Computer teachers seek ICT-enabled education
August 20, 2015 – 04:45 pm
08-10-2014 : Another news

The Tamilnadu B.Ed Computer Science out-of-work Teachers Association is demanding that the government implement ICT-enabled education from Class VI to X.

According to S. Premkumar from the association, the Samacheer Kalvi mandate, ICT is compulsory, but it is not implemented in most schools.

“Initially, computer science was being taught to these students, but even this stopped six months after implementation, ” he said. “The government should strengthen their schools to put them on par with private schools that introduce computer science as a subject for the younger classes, ” he added.

The association is also demanding that the Teacher Eligibility Test examination allow teachers with a B.Sc Computer Science and a B.Ed qualification to appear for the examination.

“Although B.Ed colleges allow people with a B.Sc computer science to complete their B.Ed, we are not allowed to appear for the TET, which limits our scope of getting jobs, ” K. Punitha, another member said.

Even in Class XI and XII, the computer science stream is taught by temporary teachers who are not B. Ed Qualified, she added.

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