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Homebrew Computer Club Newsletter Vol 1, No 9
November 3, 2015 – 03:55 pm
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Ray Boaz continues the discussion of multiplexed displays for microcomputer systems. This month he describes a hexadecimal readout that will be of interest to anyone considering the design or modernization of a display.

Up to the minute news is provided by Pete Cornell's coverage of the cassette standard proposed at the recent BYTE symposium. No doubt we will see plenty of discussion about this standard in the immediate future. Pete has the basic data for us in his article.

An original pot position digitizing idea is presented by John Schulein in the Data File section. Try it for converting potentiometer positional data to digital data for your programs.

Equipment demonstrations at this meeting of 1) TV Dazzler manufactured by CROMEMCO, One First Street, Los Altos, CA, 94022, 2) Video Display Module manufactured by Processor Technology Company, 2465 Fourth Street, Berkeley,
CA, 94710, and 3) IMSAI 8080 System manufactured by IMS Associated Inc., 1922 Republic Avenue, San Leandro, CA, 94577. If you missed the demonstrations or don't have complete details on these items you may want to write the manufacturers. Mention that you read about them in the HOMEBREW COMPUTER CLUB NEWSLETTER.

PTC donated a four position expansion board (for an Altair) with four PC card edge connectors to the club to be raffled off. Dan Sokol donated an 808O CPU IC to the raffle. Two tickets were drawn and the first winner got his pick of the two items (he took the 8080) and the second winner got the expansion board. Tickets were sold for 25 cents apiece and the raffle netted around $40 which will be used to pay for the newsletter printing and mailing.
Bob Marsh (PTC) spoke of the happenings at the cassette tape standards meeting attended by most of the manufacturers involved with the "home brew" hobbyist computer market. Full coverage of this meeting will be described in an upcoming article in BYTE magazine. .

Steve Dampier moderated this meeting in the absence of Lee Felsenstein.

Marty Spergle announced the M&R ENTERPRISES modern Penny Whistle O3 should be available for club members by the end of December. Marty also told us that Tom Pittman is heading the M&R ENTERPRISES software department. Tom, as you may know, maintains the HOMEBREW COMPUTER CLUB NEWSLETTER mailing list on his home computer system.

Source: www.digibarn.com
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