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On Your Side Alert: Computer virus destroys PC if detected
October 7, 2015 – 11:06 am
Cryptolocker virus


Cyber experts are warning about a dangerous new virus that destroys your computer if you try to remove it.

Kevin Boynton with the Computer Doctor of Richmond says computer users have a new threat to worry about. He says cyber crooks are on a mission to steal your information. "They want to get passwords to your social media, emails, bank accounts, things like that. So what this educates people to do is not save passwords in their browsers, " he said.

Even scarier, the infection - called Rombertik - is self-aware. If it realizes you know it's there, and you try to remove it with your anti-virus, it will start destroying files on your machine, making it unusable. Boynton says if it can't attack what it's looking for, it will keep trying other sections on your computer. "It will start going through and encrypt all of your important data, which is the worst case scenario. It's going to find all your pictures, all your documents, anything that is important and it is going to encrypt that and hold with a password protection, " Boynton said.

Cyber experts say you are your best protection when it comes to viruses and how they end up on your computer. Remember, it's the user that opens the door for the cyber crooks. "You have to realize there is really no infection that is going to get onto your computer without human interaction, " Boynton says.

He says the way to keep these type of viruses off of your computer is never click links or open attachments in unsolicited emails.

Boynton also warns, even if it's from a person or company you know, double check to make sure it's legitimate. "It is just one more domino in a vast scam that can really cause a lot of pain and suffering, " he says.

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New computer virus
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