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October 13, 2015 – 01:39 pm
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Computer science consistently rates among the top majors that pay you back, according to PayScale, an online salary database. High earning potential, low unemployment rates and a range of career options for graduates make it one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees.

Online bachelor’s programs in computer science must adapt to rapidly changing technology to ensure students are learning coding languages and skills that will still be relevant when they complete their degrees.

Students learn to work with software, hardware and the network that both elements run on. Course work is heavily theoretical, analytical and mathematical in nature, and prospective students should be prepared to study complex topics.

Course Work

Example courses
Data structures and algorithms
Systems programming languages
Software engineering
Computer systems security
Discrete mathematics

Core classes

Most online computer science bachelor’s degree programs can be completed entirely online. Course work for an online computer science program often includes classes such as:

• Introduction to operating systems

• Database management

• Programming in various technical languages

• Object-oriented programming and design

• Computer systems and architecture

• Computers in society

The field of computer science is rooted in mathematics, and thus many core courses in a computer science degree program use mathematical concepts. Students often take advanced mathematics courses to supplement their technical skills. Math courses may include number theory, linear algebra and differential equations.


Some online computer science bachelor’s degree programs may require applicants to complete prerequisite course work prior to enrollment. These courses may include calculus, programming and physics.

Job Outlook and Salary

Median salaries*
Network and computer systems administrator $73, 000
Computer programmer $74, 000
Computer systems analyst $80, 000
Computer network architect $91, 000
Software developer $93, 000
Computer and information systems manager $121, 000
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