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April 10, 2016 – 09:26 am
Currently, quadcopter systems

Two New Faculty Join the Department
We have two new additions to our faculty this fall. Dr. Chris Archibald joins us in the Artificial Intelligence Area. Dr. Archibald received his PhD in 2011 from Stanford and has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Alberta in Edmonton for the past two years. His specializes in machine learning and has applied this in the area of game theory. Dr. Wesley McGrew joins us as a Research Assistant Professor. Dr. McGrew received his PhD from MSU in 2013. His area is computer security and he is not a new face in our department having served as a research associate in the Center for Computer Security Research for a number of years.

Summer REU in Cyber-Security
In the final summer of a three year grant from the National Science Foundation to increase the participation of women in cyber-security, we had seven young women participate in a nine-week research experience during the summer of 2013. These seven women represented some of the brightest young women in our department and they accomplished a great deal. These women formed two teams of researchers and each team worked on a different problem in the digital forensics research area. One team, consisting of four young women (one entering freshman, one transferring community college student, and two sophomores) conducted research on finding the internet history on a computer hard drive and presenting it in a readable form for investigators. The other group, consisting of three young women (one community college transfer student, one sophomore, and one student changing from mathematics to computer science) conducted research to determine how to locate anti-forensics tools on a computer hard drive. Both of these projects are timely and will be added to an open source tool kit that is being developed by the National Forensics Training Center, and will be made available through a “Forensics as a Service” cloud. This project is an integral part of this three year project. The project has resulted in an overall increase of women in the Cyber Corps program at MSU from 8% in 2010 to 47% in 2013.

NSF REU in Computational Biology
Nine students were at MSU for ten weeks this summer participating in an NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site in computational biology. The program pairs undergraduate students in the computational and life sciences with faculty mentors across campus. Students participated in research with their faculty mentor and attended educational and professional development sessions. Students presented their work at the MSU Honors Undergraduate Research Symposium on August 1. Namarta Kumar from Mississippi Valley State University won the first place award in the Biological Sciences and Engineering category for her poster presentation. Drs. T.J. Jankun-Kelly and Mahalingam Ramkumar served as faculty mentors for Audrey Musselmann-Brown and Lando Ringel, respectively. The program is directed by Dr. Andy Perkins, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. Dr. Perkins also assistant several of the students in the life sciences with the computational aspects of their project.

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