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Building a secure future in Bangladesh
March 4, 2016 – 03:52 am
The Trolls Who Came In From

Bangladesh is the most crowded place on Earth and will become even more impossibly packed in the next 30 years.

Approximately 20% of its land, it is feared, will be lost to the rising waters brought about by climate change.

Today's 150 million Bangladeshis also have to face cyclones and arsenic-contaminated water. About half of the population is illiterate and a third live on less than one US dollar a day.

While others make plans for overpopulation, global warming mitigation and sustainable development, in Bangladesh, it is time for action. And the leadership is coming from within.

BBC presenter Paul Rose travelled to Bangladesh to meet Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, the pioneer of micro-credit and visionary of hope for the world's poor.

Paul Rose (L) and Muhammad Yunus (R)He also visited villages, field projects, and schools; and talked to the country's leading innovators to report on life at the "front line of sustainable development".


How many bankers do you know that have a fan club? As I left the hotel a group of young student interns on a micro-finance pilgrimage were a bit awestruck that I was about to meet the head of a bank.

"I see you are on your third bottle of water already, " laughed Professor Muhammad Yunus as he warmly greeted me.

Paul Rose and Muhammad Yunus

We had last met at the Royal Geographical Society in London and where I no doubt looked smarter than my rain and sweat-soaked self did now, having had only just made it in time for his 69th Birthday celebrations and the opening of the Yunus Centre.

School computers (Paul Rose)Yunus invented micro-finance in 1976 after seeing how loan sharks were effectively running poor people's lives.

By 1983 he had started Grameen Bank; in 2006 he received the Nobel Peace Prize and started the path to one of his life's dreams: the end of poverty.

With his innovative approach and leadership of the burgeoning micro-credit movement and with social business models running worldwide, he even talks seriously about a Poverty Museum.

Different ways

It was obvious that the opening of the Yunus Centre meant a lot to him.

He has received prestigious awards and accolades worldwide, but here he was on home turf, at his own bank, with his wife, about 40 of his close friends and business colleagues to open the new centre.

His opening speech was all in Bangla, which added to the friendly, almost intimate feeling. People laughed and the whole atmosphere was relaxed and celebratory.

Computer (Paul Rose)He did give a summary of the speech in English afterwards and continuing in English he said that his daughter had recently got married and would we like to see the slideshow? Of course we did. We even sang "Happy Birthday" when the cake was produced afterwards.

Later, I sat next to him in a smaller meeting. We all discussed microfinance, future capitalism and social business issues. But I was left in no doubt that he is a serious man of action who loves the practical activities that are his mission to end poverty. Even better, as he advises, one must "do it with joy".

That to me is all anyone needs to know about Muhammad Yunus: he is a banker with a global fan club, shows family wedding pictures at official bank events, is fun to be around and has an unwavering drive to succeed.

This is an extremely busy part of the world

A few metres from the entrance of Grameen Bank headquarters, it's back to the assault of senses that is Dhaka.

I have only been here a few days, but already I hardly notice people peeing and defecating in the open sewer just outside the bank. There is so much traffic that the city should really be permanently grid-locked, but it all moves somehow and I am now convinced it must be the combined power of all the car horns.

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