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Dallas investigating whether city email, computers used to access
January 21, 2016 – 06:58 pm
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The Ashley Madison website was hacked, and the user data was made public. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)Dallas officials have found no evidence that city employees used city email addresses to sign up for the cheater website Ashley Madison, which was the victim of a massive data breech.


City spokeswoman Sana Syed said communications staff made a cursory check through one of several online services and saw no Dallas City Hall email addresses. But city staff continues to look at the data, she said.

The Associated Press and security researchers have found thousands of Ashley Madison customers who used government computers or .mil or .gov email addresses to sign up for the service. Some were high-level officials.

“If any matches are found, it could be a violation of the city’s personnel rules and discipline will be handled appropriately, ” Syed said via text message.

She declined to say which personnel rules might be applicable.

Ashley Madison, which offers a dating service for people who married or in relationships, has become famous for its motto: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

DeSoto city officials said this week that the website was considered sexual content and access was generally blocked on city computers. Plano officials are looking into two city email addresses that showed up in the data. And the city of Arlington’s human resources department is also investigating.

Garland and Fort Worth officials said they found fake city email addresses in the data. People signing up for the service could use someone else’s email address or even a bogus one.

Many of the senior government officials discovered by the Associated Press were found by searching IP addresses listed in the data rather than just looking at email addresses. Syed said city is also scouring its content filtering system to see whether the site was accessed through city computers.

A hacking group broke into the Ashley Madison site and took huge amounts of data, including, email addresses, IP addresses and sexual interests. The data was posted this week in a portion of the Internet commonly called the Dark Web, which requires a custom web browser to access.

There are some easily accessible websites that allow people to search portions of data. But it’s not certain whether those are comprehensive.

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