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August 8, 2015 – 02:41 pm
Finance Plays Critical Role in

What are the top 10 Cyber security breaches of 2015? originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question. Answer by Sai Ramanan, Lead Quora...

Executives from industries across ecommerce, payments, security, hospitality and more share their predictions for the future of their markets.

Fifty-six percent of Americans believe houses or rooms can be haunted. One in five believes Bigfoot is a real creature; about the same percentage are afraid of zombies. Yet at least until the walking dead put up their own candidate in the New Hampshire primary, those are not the concerns that should frighten us the most.

It's been reported that over 22 million people had personal information stolen as a result of the Office of Personnel Management cyberattack. That's a...

As 2015 becomes 2016, it is striking how many issues that were once ...

Emergency! Emergency! Now what? Many people must feel the 2015 holiday break could not have arrived soon enough what with terrorism, crazy weather an...

The UN's ten-year review of World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) concluded successfully with the adoption of the WSIS+10 Resolution on 16 Decemb...

Google and Facebook would love to operate in China, especially now that it has an officially confirmed netizen population of 668 million. One man stands in their way: China's all-powerful Internet czar, Lu Wei, whose official title is Minister of Cyberspace Administration. But standing behind Lu is 3000 years of Chinese political culture that is diametrically opposed to the libertarian ethos of Silicon Valley. The ideology encoded in the technological innovations of California's software engineers - to empower the individual and dispense with governing intermediaries - contrasts sharply with the long history of China's "institutional civilization" that, for centuries, has empowered state authorities to rule on behalf of the people. Chinese President Xi Jinping is surely right when he told the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen this week that "freedom and order are both necessary in cyberspace." But where that line is drawn makes all the difference. (continued)

These Questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. ...

China may be more explicit about "Internet sovereignty, " but the U.S. and other Western nations themselves have encouraged the emergence of virtual borders as both a prudent response to the demands of civil society and as a means to promote their preferred modes of governance. China simply represents an extreme example of a much wider phenomena.

What Anonymous is engaged in is nothing short of intimidation. If you truly value free speech and an open, discourse, this kind of action should scare you. To see self-proclaimed liberals carrying torches and cheering as someone's website is defaced for the merely content of their speech, is profoundly disappointing, especially because there are so many legitimate ways to handle people like Trump or the Westboro Baptists.

One of the best ways to protect your tax return information is to file your tax return as early as possible, and for most people that starts around mid-January. If you file your return first, an identity thief won't be able to.

Growing up in a cyber world, young adults and youth are bombarded with social media statistics that define their online usage using numbers and values.

Why aren't smart phone users paying at stores with their phones? The short answer to this complex question is user loyalty incentives that integrate with a centralized mobile payment hubs and education on the security standards of mobile payment systems.

Jacob Appelbaum's opening remarks at the World Forum for Democracy 2015, posted November 20th, should be required viewing on the internet today as the power brokers of the world meet in Paris to discuss climate catastrophe shadowed by terrorism.

I did not want to be so dramatic, but I could not help but be completely honest as well. The end possibility is that your entire organization may suffer the fate of Sony Pictures, target, Anthem and others who have been shaken by hacks and vulnerabilities in their networks.

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Go to control panel, click Add Remove buttom (xp) , program and features (vista) look for the program name and uninstall it. this is the correct way to remove any program fully from your computer.
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