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July 6, 2015 – 12:19 pm
Down Computer Network.

It was the spreadsheet program for the first popular Apple II computer. It was a $100 program that required a $2, 000 machine. Back then people literally would walk into a store and say, “Give me Visicalc and whatever it runs on.”

My personal belief for years has been that the “killer app” of the Internet is e-mail. Everyone has an e-mail address and most communications and transactions are centered around it.

But e-mail isn’t a great marketing tool unless it is more engaging. For years marketers have been coming up with good looking e-mail messages that entice you to click a link and “do something” to further their business. Small businesses usually didn’t have a designer and a programmer to help them craft such messages.

That is they didn’t until now. The killer app for business is the Content Management System driven Newsletter Engine for making marketing e-mail messages.

A newsletter is an e-mail message consisting of a collection of excerpts of content that you send to subscribers using a list. The newsletter has images and text and links to longer versions of the stories excerpted in the e-mail. The complete story is hosted on your website. There is also a link in the e-mail for a person to unsubscribe from the mailing if they want.

Here’s how it works:

You create content on webpages using a Content Management System (CMS) that runs your website. CMS makes creating web pages a snap. If you can write and operate a personal computer, then you are capable of creating a great looking page without using any “geek” skills like programming.

Collect together a list of names of people to invite to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter. You have to be careful here. You are going to subscribe them without their permission, but it is OK as long as you give them a real easy way out and be real nice about it. The other way is to send an e-mail to them with a link to the subscription page on your website so they can sign up and confirm that they want the newsletter.

Don’t try the “auto subscribe” trick with thousands of people. You want to avoid being seen as a “spammer”. If you clearly identify yourself and your motive, and don’t blast to too many people you don’t know then you’ll avoid the “spam” label.

Using the newsletter engine, you pick and modify a great looking template that contains a few of your content excerpts. Make sure you use content that might interest the audience.

Then you send the newsletter to the list via e-mail using the engine. It mail merges the template with the content sending it to the list. It can personalize the message too, including the person’s name or other variables. A good engine manages bounced e-mail messages (removes them from the list). People who don’t want to be on the list can unsubscribe.

The editor that does all this is simple to use, so making a regular newsletter is a snap.

The engine tracks what people clicked on so you can better tailor the message for next time, and help you to create better content for our site.

If the goal is greater engagement, the Newsletter Engine is by far the best tool to drive viewers to your site.

About Bill Darron

Bill Darron has been a computer professional for 25 years. As an early user of the first personal computers, he realized what their potential power was, and took it upon himself to learn both the hardware and software sides of the business. He has built, designed and maintained computer networks of all sizes. He also has written many computer programs that have done everything from managing a video tape library to building medical lasers. Bill can help you assess what is best for your needs and implement it on your terms within your budget. Call him on 201-796-7967.
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