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April 8, 2016 – 06:24 am
Homebrew Computer Club meeting

This is currently a work in progress to digitize the club’s printed newsletters dating back to the 1990’s.

The project team includes:

Bruce Arnold
Maureen Barron
Paul Glattstein
Lon Hosford
Jean Stokes
Paul Weeks

Current status, May 2014, is Lon Hosford added all known PDF’s . Maureen Barron has analyzed all the known printed copies against the known PDF copies. Bruce Arnold scanned all the remaining known PDFs.

Next up is copy editing to assure all the meta data and media are on the correct pages. Includes correct publish date, editor for example. Includes assuring the PDF links on the pages open into a new window; some are done and some not.

As the pages are created, then content will be scraped from the newsletter PDF to help make the content searchable both on the web site and on the internet. Team meets briefly at the end of regular meeting to coordinate any activities.

Once completed this page will serve as an index of the popular newsletter.

Newsletter editors

1 Paper version missing. If you have a copy we would like to borrow it for scanning to PDF format.

We suspect this issue was not published.

4 Paper copies in hand. Not scanned. Bruce Arnold has unless otherwise noted.

5 Volume numbers did not appear on the newsletters.

1987 – 1990 1 We suspect seven years based on the fact that the 1995 issues were printed as Volume 8

1991 Volume 4 5

  • January1
  • February1
  • March1
  • April4
  • May1
  • June1
  • July1
  • August1
  • September1
  • October1
  • November4
  • December4

1992 Volume 5 5

  • January4
  • February4
  • March4
  • April1
  • May4
  • June4
  • July4
  • August4
  • September4
  • October4

1993 Volume 6 5

1994 Volume 7 5

1995 Volume 8

Popular Q&A
When was chess computer first used?

A chess computer is a machine that can play chess without human input.
The first stand alone chess computer was the Chess Challenger which was first used in 1977.

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