CPU Kühler, Lüfter, Lüftersteuerung, PC Netzteile von Scythe
August 14, 2015 – 12:29 pm

Annual closing from December 24 till the January 3, 2016
The year is coming to an end. The days between Christmas and New Year are a welcome opportunity to reminisce the past year for us. We will be back for you from January 4, 2016. We thank our customers and business partners for their loyalty in the past and the trust for 2016.
We wish you a merry Christmas and a nice start into 2016!

Skylake Informations
Japanese cooling expert Scythe announces a change of the mounting system for Skylake / Socket 1151 on several coolers of its portfolio. All coolers are compatible with Skylake sockets in general, but bear the possibility of damage to CPU and motherboard in some cases where the PC is exposed to strong shocks (e.g. during shipping or relocation). additional informations

Fuma impressed Tester
The Fuma, Scythes newest cooler model, was tested by Hardware.Info and received the recommendation along with "EXCELLENT" award. The extraordinary high cooling performance and the attractive price, compared to his fellow campaigners, has been highlighted.

Best cooler in 2014 Scythe Mugen 4 PCGH
At the elections of ’s „Cooler oft he Year“ the prevailed over his competitors and was voted into first place as best (air) cooler.
We would like to thank all participants for their trust.

Doyen score
During the big fan test of Hardware.info the Scythe SlipStream (SY1225SL12M) achieved a bronze award, the Kaze Ultra (DFS123812H-3000) even won a silver award. Both fans particularly stood out in the categories of air flow, volume and price.

New webpage for our Spanish customers.
By now it's possible to receive information about the Scythe company in Spanish. At the following adress Sistemas Ibertronica provides all of them to customers and vendors.

New internet presence for Scythe USA
Following the restructuring process of Scythe USA is a new internet presence as well as a new domain. You are now able to find us under .

Intel 1150 compatibility
Measures and mounting procedure will be the same for all Intel socket 115x motherboards. Therefore all CPU coolers compatible to Intel 1155/1156 socket will also be compatible to Intel 1150 sockets without using additional mounting solutions.

Scythe anounces the compatibility of Scythe coolers to the newly released AMD FM2 socket. All current Scythe coolers which are compatible to the FM1 socket can be used with the new FM2, FM2+ in equal measure.

Source: www.scythe-eu.com
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