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Internal Newsletter Content Suggestions
July 18, 2015 – 09:00 am
Essential Things To Consider

employee-newsletter-example-1In general, the objectives of an employee newsletter are similar to those of any internal communications channel; reach, readership /cut-through for important messages, reader engagement and influencing attitudes and behaviors.

Breaking down silos. Employee newsletters can also be a good way to break down silos within an organization by allowing you to share the activities and news from one division across the wider organization.

Reducing email overload. Employee newsletters provide the means to aggregate mass email messages and reduce email overload for employees. The newsletter can contain notices such as; planned IT outages, marketing updates, HR announcements and so on that would otherwise fill up inboxes as separate emails arriving at different times.

Reinforcing other communications. Appropriate newsletter articles can serve to reinforce and promote information and messages in other communications channels such as the intranet.

Element of Successful Employee Newsletters

Employee Newsletter with User Generated Content

Successful employee newsletters typically have engaging, fun and social content balanced with relevant business news and insights.

Think about the busy reader. Articles should be presented to the reader as concise summaries or teasers which, if appropriate, allow employees to navigate to more detailed content (within the newsletter, on the intranet or elsewhere).

Search functionality. Allows employees to find articles from the current or past editions.

newsletter-for-employees-example-6Engaging Employee Newsletter Ideas

Staff Newsletter Example

A casual tone is usually appropriate for a staff newsletter. Plus regular features and interactivity in the form of reader feedback, quizzes and surveys, and if possible, user generated content, can encourage readership.

Employee newsletters ideas - business related content:

  • Organizational changes and other important news
  • Product updates and developments
  • Innovation in the industry
  • Competitor updates
  • Updates on current initiatives within the business
  • "Did you know?" from subject matter experts
  • "Housekeeping" updates such as; use of meeting rooms, car parks etc.
  • Information on benefit plans and wellness programs
  • Latest survey results
  • Summary of key internal staff vacancies
  • Updates and news.engaging-internal-newsletter-example-2 E.g. what's new on the intranet, performance updates, IT and systems updates etc.
  • The newsletter can also feature a regular message from the CEO and/or leadership team. This means that employees don't have to visit his or her intranet page or blog separately (but they might click through to it from a link in the newsletter article).
  • Even bad news can be appropriate for a staff newsletter. There is little point hiding or sugar coating bad news as it damages the credibility of an organization and can create fear and insecurity for employees. Sometimes bad news, when spoken about honestly and openly in a newsletter article can compel staff to get behind and support an organization.

Employee newsletters ideas - fun / non business content:

fun-employee-newsletter-idea-example-3User Generated Newsletter

To increase readership and engagement, an employee newsletter should contain fun and engaging content as well as business content. Here are some ideas for engaging employee newsletter content:

  • Competitions / announcing competition winners
  • Staff special offers such as discounted gym membership, restaurant offers etc.
  • Promoting fun events such as loud shirt day etc.
  • "Overheard / on the grapevine" articles
  • Health column - how to tips
  • Promotion and reviews of staff social events
  • Themed articles to coincide with events in the wider community such as; earth hour / non smoking day/ charity events etc.
  • Humor - Funny signs, typos, memories, license plates - run competitions
  • Fun content can support business objectives too, for example, stories about how staff are demonstrating the new brand values or working with new systems.

Ways to Involve and Engage Employees

Internal Newsletter Ideas

When employees become actively involved with their newsletter they are typically more likely to read what they and their peers have contributed. Open up the newsletter as much as possible to employee involvement.
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