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Madison Ave
May 7, 2015 – 03:31 pm

Madison Ave. maven Donny Deutsch helped convince sponsors toLaura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

Madison Avenue nearly shunned this real life “mad man.”

Self-absorbed ad man Donny Deutsch is starring in a new loosely scripted show on USA next month (Nov. 10) called “Donny!” He plays himself — and pokes fun at his famed swollen ego and reputation for womanizing.

It took months of arm-twisting behind the scenes to convince a handful of companies to have their products appear as part of the show, a side effect the network’s big push this year to sell lucrative product placements in its programming, network sources said.

The campaign was in such trouble that Deutsch, 57, finally stepped in himself over the summer and asked his old connections to help.

“It’s an amazing story of rising up, taking control and beating expectations, ” a Deutch admirer swooned.

“The NBC (cable) sales team were having a really hard time until he got personally involved, ” the source said.

With Deutsch in the driver’s seat, he landed little-known brands like Hak BBQ sauce and Purity Vodka. On the show Deutch stops each episode and makes quick pitches for the products.

“We're very excited about the collaboration that we've had with Donny Deutsch, ” USA officials said in a statement. “Our teams have worked together with advertisers and the response has been overwhelming. And, we have more demand than we have supply."

Reps for Deutsch declined to comment.

The legendary advertising executive joined his farther’s ad firm in 1983, and took it over as chairman in 1989. After renaming the agency Deutsch Inc., he sold it for a reported $265 million.

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